Microsoft Migration Success Story

I recently completed a migration for a local small business to Office365. This involved moving from on-premise files stores to SharePoint whilst keeping the on-premise Domain Controller.  After several weeks the team are happy with the new system.

One of the highlights of this experience was being able to demo the new solution’s robust version control. One of their users had accidentally saved over the top of a document with a completely new one! After a few days they went back to see the original document and it was gone.

I was contacted to see if I could recover the file, in SharePoint it was in the online recycle bin – but this was still the file that had been saved over the top of the original document. I talked the end-user through the process of accessing the ‘versions’ in Excel and we went back through 8 iterations of the document until it suddenly looked like the one that had been lost.

I made the company’s day and hopefully shared some useful knowledge they can apply in future to any other issues that arise. SharePoint is a sprawling advanced piece of technology; it’s nice to be able to cut through to its useful features and help a customer in need.

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